One of a long list of benefits that members receive is access to great business training which leads to an ever growing referral pipeline. Keeley Edge Key Appointments
I joined BNI 11 years ago when I had just left university and starting out in business. Today my firm has 17 staff and ever growing list of clients. Joining BNI is the best decision I ever made. Rich Hayden Rejuvenate Productions
When I joined BNI I was working in another field but with access to the system and being surrounded by great people I was able to start my own company which, thanks to my BNI membership, is thriving. Andrew Gibson Business Services Leeds
In 2001, on the day I visited a BNI group, I had just enough money for the petrol to get to the meeting. Now I have a thriving business using a system that is built around helping members succeed. Paul Campbell Effective Group
When I first heard about BNI I thought I might visit but would not join. Thank God I went, it was the best decision I could have made. Each day is like doing a practical MBA through a philosophy of givers gain. Sarah Birkenshaw Quest Consulting
After 2 decades abroad I landed in Yorkshire knowing a handful of people. Joining BNI created instant impact on business. The BNI system creates opportunity for you through helping others. Perfect. Rick Armstrong Mentor Group
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