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One way for chapters to generate more business is to host a steady stream of quality visitors.

BNI Gold Club was established to recognise those members who go the extra mile in building their chapters by introducing six or more visitors who subsequently become members.

Gold Club members are easily recognisable because they wear a black name badge instead of the usual grey one. At the time of writing, there are over 540 Gold Club members, who now also enjoy the privilege of a raised profile on the BNI website.

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Ireland East

Andrew Johnston BNI Business (Bray)
Andy Walsh Uibh Fhaili (Tullamore)
Stuart Watkin Eagle (Kilkenny)

Ireland Mid West

Paul O'Connor Treaty (Limerick)

Ireland North East

Daphne Wynne BNI Forty Foot (Dun Laoghaire)

Ireland South

Anne Hannan Killarney
James Kelly University (Cork)
Andrew Mackin University (Cork)
Desmond Murphy Cork City
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