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Message to BNI Members From the Founder, Dr. Ivan Misner - Thriving in a Recession, What to do Now

It’s times like these that I think of situations I’ve been in where some crisis is brewing and one person in the mix stays calm and focused. That person keeps her “eye on the ball” and does what needs to be done – as it needs to be done.

As business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals, if you want to be successful during these difficult times, you must be someone who stays focused on solutions and not get drawn into the quagmire of problems.

Recessions will come and go. Most people don’t know this, but statistically we have one every six years or so. This recession is a more serious one. I get that. I also believe that the people who look for opportunities when times are tough will not only survive--they will thrive. I’ve been in business long enough to have seen it over and over again.

Now, more than ever, a powerful personal network can carry you through difficult times. Business will go on.  In times like this, people want to do business with people they trust more than ever. The relationships you have with the people in your network can make the difference in your business. 

When times are difficult, BNI can be a positive place for people to meet, build relationships, create business opportunities, and stay focused on solutions, not problems!

You cannot change the economy. The economy is going to be what the economy is going to be. You cannot change your competition. Your competition is going to do what your competition is going to do. But you can change your response to the economy. You can change your response to your competition. 

The solution to difficult economic times begins with a commitment to focus on opportunities. Stay focused. Continue to build your relationships. Be there for others and work your BNI network like you’ve never worked it before.   

I refuse to participate in the recession!

Join me--be a “thriver” not just a “survivor” in this recession.

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