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Referrals for the Difficult-to-Refer Business

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Huw Johns of Just Huw Johns. www.huwjohns.co.uk

Huw helps companies of all sizes with their marketing, and having been Head of Marketing for NTL as well as supporting a diverse range of large and small companies, Huw is well-placed to help companies grow. Huw has recently attended the Member Success Training held at Tondu each month, and whilst sceptical at first that he could learn anything to add to his own knowledge, Huw says that some of the success he is getting now with referrals comes down to the learnings he picked up on the course. Importantly, spending time each week in thinking about who you would like to be referred and preparing what you want to say in an informative and stimulating way. Follow this link to Episode 69, and hear why Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. www.bnipodcast.com

Does your business tend to cater to a small niche market? Do you find that your business is difficult to refer?

Listen in to this week's podcast where Dr. Misner shares his sure-fire technique for transforming even the most difficult-to-refer business into one that gets plenty of referrals.  Click here, and listen to Episode 70: www.BNIPodcast.com

The 29% Solution. Thanks to those of you supporting the release of Dr. Ivan Misner's new book, The 29% Solution. The book hit # 1 on the Business Best Seller list for Amazon.com today!!!  The PR that comes from the books continue to be great exposure and branding for BNI.

Dr Misner talks about the release of the book on his blog at www.NetworkingNowBlog.com .

 Something Different!

Christopher Howard and Breakthrough to Success - I've recently attended two of Christopher Howard's courses. Importantly, I've recommended Christopher Howard's Breakthrough to Success, to friends and family, and all have been grateful they overcame their initial cynicism! This is an intensive three day course that will have you starting at 9am and finishing at 11pm! You'll be seriously challenged!


The reason I decided to enrol on subsequent courses with Christopher Howard, was a Welshman from Neath, worth then around £4,000,000 who increased his income to £50,000,000+ in one year as a consequence of attending Christopher Howard's course! It wasn't the money that impressed me - not everyone wants to be a millionaire - it was the many other benefits he said he got in his life!

 I've spoken to some of my chapters in South Wales and they have asked for a link to the latest course being run between September 19th - 21st. The course is normally around £895 but if you use the link below, I have arranged for you to enrol for FREE



I won't be attending the course in London but will be attending the course again in Dublin in October where I will be meeting up with other BNI members there. If you want to come along, let me know!

 If this is not for you, please don't get upset with me for including this in the blog - simply ignore it - Life is too short! Don't you think? 

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