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BNI South Wales Awards & Members Day - Enterprise and Quinnell Chapter Commit!

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The Enterprise Chapter in Cardiff are the first chapter to submit their payment in full to attend the BNI South Wales Awards & Members Day on April 17th at the Heronston Hotel and the Quinnell Chapter have made their nominations!

They will also be inviting guests from outside the BNI community to visit and network as their guests ... what an inspired idea! What better way to give to a relationship than to offer them an opportunity to build their business by introducing them to trusted colleagues in a positive and dynamic environment!

But ... it got me thinking! Why should you or any business owner care about this event?

We know that for any business to be successful, it MUST have three fundamentals in place:

  • First, access to the right information in the right order.
  • Second, answers to your specific questions, from experts 
    who have been there.
  • And third, the support of like-minded business owners willing 
    to do whatever it takes to help each other become successful.

BNI provides all three of these critical components! And none more so than at this event when Frank de Raffele talks about "Thriving not Surviving in this Recession!!

Look, we are witnessing financial conditions today that we have not seen since early last century.  Financial experts can't decide if we're in the midst of a horrible recession or a full-blown depression. The simple fact is this... it's going to get worse before it gets better. 
Much worse! Do you really want to navigate these unchartered 
waters alone? 

Surely the question is how do we weather these tough times, 
and how do we not only survive ... but thrive.

Let your Events Coordinator know that you are coming to our Awards & Members Day, and learn how to become referral machines.

In tough economic times like we find ourselves in today, smart 
business owners take charge, plow ahead full bore and attract more 
clients and make more money than ever before.

I would like to thank our sponsors Vicky Semple of SpotOn events and communications, Gene Thompson of Creative Services (Graphic Design), Hazel Hannant of Hazel Hannant Photography, Philippa Brigode of Rolfes the Florist, Claire Richards of React (Europe) Ltd and Andy Rogers of Xpedient Print Services.





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