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Increase Your Business! BNI South Wales Awards & Members Day, April 17th, Heronston Hotel

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Clate Mask from InfusionSoft (that's the name she uses on her blog) describes one of her favourite moments was when someone taught her about synergy.


The example they used was two horses pulling a cart. If each horse can pull approximately 500 lbs (they may be able to pull more or less) a basic understanding of maths would logically determine that by strapping the two horses together, they could pull 1,000 lbs. In reality, two horses working together can pull three times the amount they could on their own--not double. She says!


As good an argument I have heard for developing  a referral marketing team! The quickest and most effective way for BNI members to do that is to develop their referral partners (Strategic Alliances or Power Teams) in their chapters. 


The principle is ... you can't be the "perfect" entrepreneur. You can try. And, maybe get close. But, at some point in time everybody needs additional skills, markets, and time they don't possess.


Here are just a few benefits:


  • More Referrals

  • A Larger Market (yours + your referral partner's)

  • An Outside Promoter of Your Products/Services

  • Increased Networking Abilities

  • & Ultimately More Sales!


Consider the value of having another "salesman" reaching out to your customers. Now, you don't have to grow your company on your own. By creating a referal marketing program, you can achieve much more than you will EVER be able to achieve alone!


When you develop lasting partnerships, your business is going to grow automatically, just from the leverage you gave it. Strap yourself to your referral partners, and see where the synergy can take you!


I am very much looking forward to Frank de Raffele's arrival here in South Wales! Frank will be joining us at our BNI South Wales Awards & Members Day on Friday, April 17th, from 12 noon to 6pm.


He will be showing you how to develop your referral partners in your chapter and increase your business by 2.5 x or more! he wil beshowing you how to "Thrive Not Survive in the Recession"


Chapters bookings are coming in fast - contact your events coordinator and ensure your place is secure


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