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Networking Events .. and a way to keep out of the doghouse!!

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I was reminded the other day of a fantastic service offered by Pip at Rolfes The Florist. To ensure that you never forget that special anniversary or birthday they will remind you prior to the event to confirm you would like flowers sent. Just email Pip with any relevant birthdays at info@rolfestheflorist.co.uk or call her on 02920 461048, and Pip will ensure you're never in the doghouse again!

There are a number of events coming up locally which you might find interesting: 

Firstly ... 


This is a reminder as I mentioned this in my last blog on June 27th. The event is coming up on Thursday. This event marks their second Cardiff Connections Networking event. Business-Scene regularly runs successful Connections events around the UK, bringing together many of the local Business Networking groups under one roof, thus offering a great opportunity for local businesses to expand their own business connections. This event promises to be bigger and even more successful with an estimated 300+ businesses taking part.

Joining Business Scene for this evening offers you the opportunity to meet other high calibre business delegates, openly network in a relaxed and friendly environment, build strong business relationships, and gain valuable information about the issues that most affect your business.

To register, please visit: 


Secondly ...

The New Start Wales Exhibition is on the 13th & 14th November at the Cardiff International Arena.

Click here to go to the New Start Wales web site: http://www.newstartscotland.com/exhibition/video.html

And here to see hear what people felt about the highly successful Scottish event: http://www.newstartscotland.com/exhibition/video.html

Lastly, I have been informed by Dave Evans of BIG Business Networking that Chris Dawson also of BIG Business networking is ill with swine flu and therefore reluctantly the event next week is cancelled.

We all wish Chris gets well quickly!

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