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Is Your Net Working? (Thanks to Geoff Kirkwood)

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There are numerous myths about networking! Here are just a few.

*    Attend as many events as possible - more is better.
*    Get as many business cards as possible - 20 or 30 is excellent.
*    Exchanging cards will get you business so take plenty.

Yet all of these (and many other myths) overlook one vital aspect. Networking is about people and people like to feel valued.

Fast pace and quantity may work well with "speed dating" but it certainly does not work with networking.

Networking is about making a real connection, something you don't normally do in 60 seconds.

So it amazes me when people say "networking isn't working for me". Very often the thing that isn't working is the person doing it.

To make your net work, you need to do the following:-

1.    Set a goal for each networking meeting! I suggest a maximum of 5 good connections.
2.    Have a follow-up plan, and do it. Plans without execution are just vacant words.
3.    Turn those "networking connections" into "real relationships" by investing time and remembering each one is a person, not a number

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