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Asking for Help & Support in Putting Together Another Edition of SuccessNet!

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Dear BNI South Wales Members,


Summer beckons… and once again it’s time to ask you all for your help and support in putting together another edition of the education and development tool that is SuccessNet!

There is some terrific referral and chapter-building practice going on in chapters across South Wales, and SuccessNet is the perfect place to shout about all these excellent initiatives.


Would it be fair to say that SuccessNet is NOT about PR, awards, fundraising or general company news. On the other hand it most certainly IS about sharing the good practice and great ideas that can help chapters and individual members to become even more successful.


We’re looking for contributions for the following sections:

  • Chapter and verse 
    These chapter and member stories might cover successful initiatives regarding visitors, chapter growth, referrals, presentation skills or even the occasional unusual or unpredictable event that brings out the BNI best in members.
  • Greatest ever referrals
    Many members and chapters have some FANTASTIC referral stories to tell 
    – and they don’t always realise it! ‘Great referrals’ aren’t always about huge amounts of money: interesting accounts of how a referral happened or what it led to can often teach us new ways of thinking about and finding referrals. Good referral stories need to be shared!
  • Get in touch
    We'd love to hear from members by post or email giving their views on SuccessNet, their ideas, experiences, etc - anything they'd like to say that others may find interesting or useful in getting the best from their BNI membership. Don't forget there's always a prize for the Star Letter!
  • On the map
    The map page is the ideal spot for little nuggets of BNI news that will interest and inspire.

Please email your contributions for the Summer 2010 edition of SuccessNet to successnet@jmhcopy.co.uk by Friday 21st May

Thanks again for all your help and support in rooting out superb stories to share with BNI members nationwide. I know that there are plenty more out there which will be perfect for the Summer 2010 and I can’t wait to read them.


I'm looking forward to a rush of excellent stories very soon!

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