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£40,000 a year average business per member!

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I was talking to some members last week and emphasising that a successful word-of-mouth marketing strategy requires two key elements: (1) A diverse and powerful network of contacts, and (2) a positive message delivered effectively. To acquire the first element, it often requires that you be a member of other networks. One of the strongest reasons for ensuring that BNI is one of your networks, is the amount of business we pass. You may find the following figures interesting …

Many of you will know that we are capturing the actual amounts of business closed through our "Show Me the Money" or  "Thank you for the Business" programme in addition to our efforts to record the actual amounts of referrals passed in our chapters. One of our chapters, the first to accurately and systematically record the actual business closed, has recorded that they have passed a fraction under £1,000,000 in 12 months!   The average amount of business being passed now by the Bevan chapter is £40,000 per member annually. In my travels around the region, similar figures are being passed by other chapters. It is a powerful message to communicate to anybody considering the Return On Investment (ROI) of investing in BNI.
We also have the latest figures from BNI relating to the numbers of referrals passed last year. It is always exciting and inspiring to see the concrete numbers which prove our success. So, without further ado, here are the official statistics for the year 2007—
As of January 2008:

Total BNI Countries: 37
Total No. of Chapters: 5,010
Total Members: 103,607
Total Referrals: 5.5 Million

Total Value of Referrals to Members: 2.2 Billion (U.S. Dollars)

It is impressive to note the solidity of the statistics for Referrals and their value, which are calculated based on TWO doctoral studiesthe first done by Dr. Ivan Misner, BNI’s Founder & Chairman, and the second done in 2005 by Julien Sharp, a business consultant and BNI member from Florida. These powerfully reliable statistics are proof that networking delivered a huge pay-off for BNI members around the world in 2007!

The 2007 year-end statistics clearly speak volumes about the value of word-of-mouth networking anywhere in the world. These outstanding statistics are a great way to show the universal benefits of business networking!

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