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Are You Talking Too Much?

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Geoff Kirkwood asks "Are You Talking Too Much?". And John Heycock of REMAX looks to his chapter for support in achieving his ambitious goals.

     Geoff Kirkwood, National Director of BNI in Australia, writes: The thing that makes many large companies so memorable is their message - it is simple! Two, three or four words at most! And when we hear that phrase we immediately know which company it belongs to. Here is the catch for many people in business - they say too much.

When asked what we do we launch into an extensive monologue describing the intricate detail of ALL that we do. And in doing so we have missed the point of such a question. In these situations less is more.

Most people ask that question so that they can determine whether we might be worth spending some time with to discover more. 3 or 4 minutes of detail will most definitely not encourage them.

So the key is to keep it simple and memorable.

Things like "just do it" and "things go better" are great examples of simplicity. We all remember which company they belong to.

Your answer to the question "what do you do?" should intrigue me, entice me and prompt me to say "tell me more?"

Although I heard it almost 10 years ago I still vividly remember the photographer who responded to the question "what do you do?" responded "I shoot your relatives!"

So take a look at your response when asked at a networking function "what do you do?".

     John Heycock of REMAX is a member of the Burton Chapter and is shortly to take over as Chapter Director. John values the support of his chapter and says: "Don’t run your business on your own, join a BNI chapter and get the support of other professionals".

John became franchise owner of RE/MAX Professionals Plus Port Talbot, during January 2007. His business was a high producing business and was the No1 RE/MAX Franchise in 2006 during which time John received the Associate of he Year award in his first year was the best producer overall for that year.

After taking over the franchise John looked at ways to take his business to the next level. After looking at several avenues, he was very impressed with the BNI concept and in particular the professional people of the Burton Chapter.

John joined in May and he has not looked back since. It has assisted his business no end and not by referrals alone. John attributes a lot of the success he has been having due to the array of various professional business people in the chapter who have provided him with invaluable advice that normally you would have to pay a lot of money for had he not been a member.


  1. Look at your response when asked at a networking function, or at your BNI meeting "What do you do?" Your response ought to encourage people to ask: "How do you do that?"
  2. Make a list of people in your chapter that you could support and help achieve their business goals. Arrange a 1-2-1 and identify what resources you can bring to the relationship. What could we achieve if everybody actively did this one thing?

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