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Chapter and Member in Focus - Enterprise Chapter & John Wray

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The Enterprise Chapter is growing and getting stronger by the week if this week's meeting is anything to go by! Recently several new members have joined and added to the focus and energy there and John Wray, who was finally persuaded to take an Assistant Director role in 2003 as he felt it was a good way to give something back to BNI, has been working with key members of the chapter to ensure the business levels there continue to increase. If you haven't recently visited this chapter, consider doing so! Contact Mark Williams, presently the chapter's membership coordinator, and he will not only welcome you warmly but will make any useful introductions where appropriate. Mark has an excellent business and is highly-regarded in the chapter. He is a Mortgage Adviser and can be contacted on 07831 221382.

John Wray, mentioned above, is one of the top referral givers in BNI South Wales but he has also invited more visitors to BNI than anyone else!

John's tip for success as a member is about visitors - firstly, invite EVERYONE!  To get them to the meeting, John uses phrases such as 'we have a lot of visitors waiting to come to our chapter - the next available slots are __'.  He then sends them an email, using an electronic invitation card - you can see this at www.bni-invitation.co.uk - as well as a postal invitation.  He then emails all the chapter members, with the visitor cc'd in, letting them know a visitor is coming.  Using this technique, John has brought 170 visitors to his chapter (both as a member and as an Assistant Director).


John's business is Sunbase Promotional Products (www.promotional-product.co.uk).  Promotional products are an effective way to advertise and market your company - they create a lasting impression with your customers that builds brand loyalty.  His dream referral would be to speak to someone at the BBC - particularly within radio.


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