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Referral Marketing: The Safest Form of Advertising? By All means "No"!

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Members in Focus

Keith Cass launches the Red Sock Campaign on April 18 with a black tie dinner and cabaret at the Holland House Hotel, Cardiff. Keith has visited many of our chapters educating us on prostate cancer. Keith hopes his campaign will improve facilities for patients and boost funds for research. There are few tables remaining. For more information visit the website  

Hazel Hannant of Hazel Hannant Photography. You can find a selection of Hazel's photographs at - - Hazel is the official photographer for the Red Sock Campaign.

The Safest Form of Marketing 

During a recent interview Ivan Misner did, the host of the program asked if he considered referral marketing to be the safest form of advertising. Without the slightest hesitation, he confidently answered, "By all means, NO."

He went on to explain that he believed very strongly in the tremendous benefits that word-of –mouth marketing can bring, however, there are definitely unique risks associated with referral advertising that are not an issue in commercial or other forms of advertising. Read the rest of the article here:

The Future of Networking

Dr. Misner looks into his crystal ball to see the future of networking in one of his podcasts. Go to  Episode 44, and listen if you choose. Here are the main points:

  • Online and face-to-face networking will both continue to flourish. Dr. Misner recommends the following two online networks: Ecademy and Fast Pitch Networking.
  • College and universities still won’t teach classes on networking or word-of-mouth marketing, though they might include the topic in existing courses. That leaves more room for Buffini and the Referral Institute.
  • Small companies will continue to have the edge over big businesses when it comes to networking. Big companies just don’t train their employees in referral marketing.
  • Expect to see more online networking options for BNI members in the next few years.

b2b Breakfast

Ngb2b is running a b2b breakfast on Wednesday, April 10th, at St Mellons Hotel, Cardiff. The arrival time is 7.30am - 7.45am, for an 8.00am start. Payment for Members is £17; Non-Members £25. Contact the marketing team on 01633 242749 if you want to go and network with other businesses.


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