Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

BNI Directors of Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Duncan Webster, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Duncan Webster

Executive Director

Duncan Webster joined the RAF and served as a Medic for 12 years. He had an active part in both the Falklands War and Gulf War and is a proud holder of the 'Liberation of Kuwait' medal. He then left the forces at age 30 to pursue the opportunity of turning his hobby of graphic design, programming and general IT into a full time career. He went from Junior...

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Michael Wheat, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Michael Wheat

Area Director Consultant

I'm a family man, Married to the lovey Gemma and two children Anneliese and Megan. Have my own Landscaping business, and I'm extremely passionate about BNI. What better way is there to do business? Helping each other and making our goals and dreams reality.

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Jacqui Elmore, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Jacqui Elmore

Director Consultant

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Tracey Daniels, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Tracey Daniels

Director Consultant


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Greg Hollingsworth, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Greg Hollingsworth

Director Consultant

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David Gorey, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

David Gorey

Director Consultant

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Paul Kilby, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Paul Kilby

Director Consultant

My claim to fame is that I am quite possibly the only person on LinkedIn who isn't a 'results orientated team player with excellent interpersonal skills'. I sell cardboard boxes. That's me on the right.

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Jason Wells, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Jason Wells

Director Consultant

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Richard Penfold, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Richard Penfold

Director Consultant

I live in a small village on the outskirts of Leicestershire. I have a wonderful fiancée, 2 children and a dog. I love being creative, even if its playing a game with the family.

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Mark Stonier, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Mark Stonier

Director Consultant

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Stephen Church, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Stephen Church

Director Consultant

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Julian Bright, Northamptonshire & Leicestershire

Julian Bright

Director Consultant

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