BNI Directors of Hampshire

Alyson Roach, Hampshire

Alyson Roach

Executive Director

I live on the Surrey / Hampshire border where I enjoy many a country walk with my dogs and am fortunate to have David Lloyd's Spa Healthclub on my doorstep.

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Brian Cox, Hampshire

Brian Cox

Director Consultant

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Charles Ward, Hampshire

Charles Ward

Director Consultant

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Clive Cook, Hampshire

Clive Cook

Director Consultant

A results-driven designer and marketer, I have worked both agency and client-side for large and small companies giving me wide industry experience and expertise.

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Nick Miller, Hampshire

Nick Miller

Director Consultant

I currently run my own company backed by 18 years of knowledge and experience in my own field, my success to a large degree has come from hard work and the support I get from BNI, As with most people I spend my spare time with my family, Reading and taking in Movies but I also love to pursue my other hobbies of Archery and playing my Ukulele. (This last really...

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