BNI Directors of Oxfordshire

Phil Berg, Oxfordshire

Phil Berg

Area Director Consultant

As the owner of Reach YOUR Goals and Assistant National Director at BNI I am a keynote and International motivational speaker, specialising in helping companies and individuals increase their profits, by converting more enquiries into closed business and ensuring they understand how to network effectively. In the last 12 months alone, I have trained companies...

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Kathryn Saggers, Oxfordshire

Kathryn Saggers

Area Director Consultant

Born and raised in Hertfordshire, Kathryn started out life as a graphic designer, having studied art & design throughout her education. Realising her true passion was in property, she went on to become a corporate Facilities Manager. It was here she honed her project management skills, undertaking large building contracts for corporates such as Whitbread and...

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Brian Gates, Oxfordshire

Brian Gates

Area Director Consultant

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Barry Jacobs, Oxfordshire

Barry Jacobs

Director Consultant

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Vanessa Kaye, Oxfordshire

Vanessa Kaye

Director Consultant

I Started out working within conference and banqueting and after a couple of years of working very unsociable hours I decided to register with a local recruitment agency to find me another role. They offered me a role as a trainee consultant. Now many years down the line owing and running my own business is great - Still working unsociable hours though!, Perhaps...

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Lucy Lavers, Oxfordshire

Lucy Lavers

Director Consultant

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Derek Peedell, Oxfordshire

Derek Peedell

Director Consultant

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Andy Price, Oxfordshire

Andy Price

Director Consultant

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Martin Ridewood, Oxfordshire

Martin Ridewood

Director Consultant

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Sarka Naivertova, Oxfordshire

Sarka Naivertova

Director Consultant

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Jules Warner, Oxfordshire

Jules Warner

Director Consultant

I do genuinely & sincerely enjoy helping others. Being asked if It was for me! Personal development and the total belief that BNI absolutely makes the difference to anyone and everyone willing to embrace it! I'm never too old, too young or too middle aged to start something new!

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Ian Morris, Oxfordshire

Ian Morris

Director Consultant

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Nic Rutherford, Oxfordshire

Nic Rutherford

Director Consultant

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