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Copperfield House,
20 Pratt Street,

Phone: 01923- 891999Mobile: 07808- 631167Fax: 01923- 891998

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Tim Gale 4 Business

Tim Gale 4 Business

Tim Gale 4 Business

Suite 901,
23 King Street,

Phone: 01223- 929101

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Tim Gale, Suffolk & CambridgeshireTim Gale

Divorced with 2 children. Samuel 19 and Kate 17. Spent 10 years in policing during the 80's. Since 1989 have performed various Direct Sales roles with Blue Chip companies before spending well over 10 years in family Furnishing Care Business responsible for sales and marketing. Have also spent time in Recruitment and Asset Finance but now consulting and training small businesses.

Why I Became A BNI Director

It became very clear to me that building up an extensive contact sphere well was without doubt the easiest way to market having spent years in sales. I genuinely believed that if I could help others learn the skills then in turn I would build stronger relationships. I've made mistakes and at times "assumed" too much but now know that the investment of time and money is without doubt paying dividends. I will continue to want to help others.

About Tim Gale 4 Business

Small Business Consultancy helping those that have BIG aspirations and a desire to succeed by bringing about :
1 Simple business plans that work
2 Low cost marketing plans that make sense
3 Proven methods to create more profitable sales
4 Easy ways to achieve better time management with clear priorities
5 Step by step guide to a business that can operate without you
6 More time with the important people in your life

Why choose Tim Gale 4 Business

We are very much a hands on consultancy. We get involved at various levels. Whether it be physically rearranging the office / showroom or writing and implementing the budget, business plan or marketing
Having over 4000 contacts enables me to bring numerous other professionals into play to support my clients.
If we achieve nothing we charge nothing.

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