BNI Directors of Sussex

Mark Keatley-Palmer, Sussex

Mark Keatley-Palmer

Executive Director

LIFE OUTSIDE WORK I have been with Jane since 1991, we have 2 kids - Jessica & Monty - and live in a beautiful oasis on the Kent / Sussex border in the South of England. Jane and I spent 18 months travelling in SE Asia & Oz before returning to the UK to start our design & marketing business. LIFE INSIDE WORK I spent over 15 years in...

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David King (Area Director), Sussex

David King (Area Director)

Area Director Consultant

I joined the Hastings BNI core group in November 1999 and am an 8 year member of the Hastings Chapter. I became an AD in October 2000 and now look after nine Chapters directly and support the ADs of another four Chapters. I have won the Assistant Director of the year award twice, in 2004 and 2007.

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Greg Davies, Sussex

Greg Davies

Area Director Consultant

Firstly, I am a family man. (1 Wife, 2 Daughters) Secondly, I am a small business owner. Now, add in that I am a classically trained media sales professional and a drummer to boot, you may get an idea of the mixing pot that is my personality.

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Tim Fifield, Sussex

Tim Fifield

Director Consultant

I run a successful web consultancy company based in Horsham helping businesses to get the most out of the Internet.

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Alan Jackson (Area Director), Sussex

Alan Jackson (Area Director)

Director Consultant

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Marcus Emery, Sussex

Marcus Emery

Director Consultant

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Alan Bain, Sussex

Alan Bain

Director Consultant

I'm married to Sharon and we have been together for the last 25 years, we have 3 sons Josh 21 Ethan 18 and Harry 17. We started A1 Locksmiths in 2002 and joined BNI in the same month.I have been Chapter Director 4 times , Sectary Treasurer once and Ed co-ordinator 4 times, I am always a visitor host when not doing the the CD job.

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Becky Derham, Sussex

Becky Derham

Director Consultant

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Mark Howard, Sussex

Mark Howard

Director Consultant

I Joined BNI in 2007 and found that many of my competition were already BNI members and were not just well in new business but expanding as well. After my first year I realised that I had made a huge error in not joining BNI sooner which made my renewals much easier year on year. To date I have now stopped advertising (as I dont need to), expanded my business and...

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Richard Ellis, Sussex

Richard Ellis

Director Consultant

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Michael Tyrrell, Sussex

Michael Tyrrell

Director Consultant

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Janice Fearn, Sussex

Janice Fearn

Director Consultant

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Julia Willkins, Sussex

Julia Willkins

Director Consultant

Passionate about people doing well in business.

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Lee Harrington, Sussex

Lee Harrington

Director Consultant

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Nigel Grover, Sussex

Nigel Grover

Director Consultant

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Paul Taylor, Sussex

Paul Taylor

Director Consultant

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Gareth Looker, Sussex

Gareth Looker

Director Consultant

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Jeremy Irving, Sussex

Jeremy Irving

Director Consultant

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Fiona Vincent, Sussex

Fiona Vincent

Director Consultant

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