Durham & Teesside

BNI Directors of Durham & Teesside

Russell Sawdon, Durham & Teesside

Russell Sawdon

Executive Director

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Gill Sawdon, Durham & Teesside

Gill Sawdon

Executive Director

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Alasdair Ross, Durham & Teesside

Alasdair Ross

Director Consultant

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Alan Foster, Durham & Teesside

Alan Foster

Director Consultant

Web Design Company owner, public speaker about all things web, BNI Director Consultant, and all round good egg and snappy dresser.

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Andrew Simpson, Durham & Teesside

Andrew Simpson

Director Consultant

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Richard Pavlou, Durham & Teesside

Richard Pavlou

Director Consultant

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Martin Smith, Durham & Teesside

Martin Smith

Director Consultant

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Lyndsay Wind, Durham & Teesside

Lyndsay Wind

Director Consultant

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Ian Elcoate, Durham & Teesside

Ian Elcoate

Director Consultant

I've been described as "a geek" and as I run a tech company I take that as a compliment. I am married to Jane, have a son Matt who is studying Physics at Durham Uni, love sport (especially cricket, rugby and football in that order) and like a beer. I'm not from a background that encourages it but I am rapidly becoming a serial entrepreneur.

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John Graham, Durham & Teesside

John Graham

Director Consultant

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Gemma Taylor, Durham & Teesside

Gemma Taylor

Director Consultant

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Gillian Edge, Durham & Teesside

Gillian Edge

Director Consultant

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