Avon & Monmouth

BNI Directors of Avon & Monmouth

Sarah Owen, Avon & Monmouth

Sarah Owen

Area Director Consultant

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Kay McMahon, Avon & Monmouth

Kay McMahon

Area Director Consultant

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Darrell Cocup, Avon & Monmouth

Darrell Cocup

Director Consultant

Funny how we tend to identify ourselves by our bread winning jobs. On that basis I'm a copywriter, you name it, I'll write it, but before that I'm a father of a 15 year old boy, a husband to Anthea for 20+ years, and above all, Christian! Also love old cars, books, and helping others; and wine, did I mention wine? And food. Got two dogs, a cat......

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John Williams, Avon & Monmouth

John Williams

Director Consultant

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Peter Prater, Avon & Monmouth

Peter Prater

Director Consultant

I setup Qtac Solutions nearly 20 years ago. I joined BNI ten years ago and it sigifcantly enhanced the business. I am also the Finace Director of BASDA the Software Deevelpers Association, Chair of Trustees of the Spring Centre, a charity looking after disabled chilfren and their families and in my spare time sing with the Dursley Male Voice Choir.

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Christopher Pugh, Avon & Monmouth

Christopher Pugh

Director Consultant

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Ian Birkett, Avon & Monmouth

Ian Birkett

Director Consultant

In 1979 I joined the Police in Bristol so I am aware that I am not obliged to say anything..... I left in 1990 to try selling, no good at that. Then "Hallelujah!" I found the only book that matters; "How to become a millionaire with 14 pence and a comb" by Russian author Uvbin Kond, only £59.99! The rest is history and the hair...

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Vic Vaughan, Avon & Monmouth

Vic Vaughan

Director Consultant

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Alice Cox, Avon & Monmouth

Alice Cox

Director Consultant

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Simon Norton, Avon & Monmouth

Simon Norton

Director Consultant

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Steve Rimmer, Avon & Monmouth

Steve Rimmer

Director Consultant

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Clare Davis, Avon & Monmouth

Clare Davis

Director Consultant

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Kim Jones, Avon & Monmouth

Kim Jones

Director Consultant

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