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1 Chancery Lane,
BA12 9JS

Phone: 01985300593Mobile: 07711 533867Fax: 01985 300593

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1 Chancery Lane,
BA12 9JS

Phone: 01985300615Fax: 01985300593


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BNI Director Info

Darrell Cocup, Avon & MonmouthDarrell Cocup

Funny how we tend to identify ourselves by our bread winning jobs. On that basis I'm a copywriter, you name it, I'll write it, but before that I'm a father of a 15 year old boy, a husband to Anthea for 20+ years, and above all, Christian! Also love old cars, books, and helping others; and wine, did I mention wine? And food. Got two dogs, a cat......

Why I Became A BNI Director

I joined the core group of Bristol Grace Chapter back in 2002, but knew within weeks that I wanted to be in the business of BNI, not just a member. It was a mixture of the excitement of being in at the start, the philosophy of Givers Gain, the opportunity to meet and help people, to develop my own abilities and to have an additional income stream.

About justthewords

Copywriting. What's your proposition? How do you differentiate yourself? What's in it for your client? Educate. Enthuse. Entertain. These are all elements of successful copywriting. You may own a camera, but are you a photographer? You probably have a computer, but does that make you a writer? Brochures, websites, company letters, talks, speeches, advertisements, editorial..if it involves words, talk to me!

Why choose justthewords

Met many 50+ year old copywriters who have been in business for 30+ years? I didn't think so. I bring all that experience of marketing to my writing. It's all in the 'voice', pitching the right message at the right level.

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