Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

BNI Directors of Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

Niri S Patel, Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

Niri S Patel

Executive Director

It's not about me.... I feel privileged and grateful to work with the amazingly committed and capable business professionals. As a team we are driven to help BNI Members Make More Money! As an organisation, we get business for our members and if your application is successful, we will so everything we can to provide a structured, supportive and positive...

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Tina McCluskey (BNI Administration), Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

Tina McCluskey (BNI Administration)

Executive Director

My background was in Banking, Marketing and PR before joining the BNI Team in 2001. I manage the BNI Office and provide support to our Director Team and Members across three regions.

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David Plant (ADMIN - ADC), Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

David Plant (ADMIN - ADC)

Area Director Consultant

To help members make more money!

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Russell Scholes (ADMIN - ADC), Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

Russell Scholes (ADMIN - ADC)

Area Director Consultant

I was delighted to accept the invitation to become a director because I know I'm working in an organisation where the culture and ethos is right, its right for the members to make more money, for our clients to receive better and for us all to develop success in business together.

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Stephanie Plant (Admin), Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

Stephanie Plant (Admin)

Director Consultant

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Louise Scholes (Admin), Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

Louise Scholes (Admin)

Director Consultant

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Steve O'Mara, Yorkshire S Derbyshire N

Steve O'Mara

Director Consultant

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