Cheshire & North Wales

BNI Directors of Cheshire & North Wales

David Williams, Cheshire & North Wales

David Williams

Executive Director

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Ewan Sturman, Cheshire & North Wales

Ewan Sturman

Executive Director

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John Warrington, Cheshire & North Wales

John Warrington

Area Director Consultant

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Paul Murray, Cheshire & North Wales

Paul Murray

Area Director Consultant

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Phil Harding, Cheshire & North Wales

Phil Harding

Director Consultant

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Tom Daniels, Cheshire & North Wales

Tom Daniels

Director Consultant

I have been involved in BNI since the beginning of 2009. Firstly as a member of the South Cheshire Chapter in Crewe before taking the opportunity to become even more involved in BNI in May 2011. Since then I have had the opportunity of working closely with other BNI Directors in the region and importantly sharing learning and experience with other BNI members....

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Mike Scott, Cheshire & North Wales

Mike Scott

Director Consultant

I live in North Wales but have operated across the UK within business training, consultancy, advice and coaching for over 20 years. My style is relatively informal, but well informed and I wish to broaden the work i am involved with for both large and small businesses alike.

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Damian Parkin, Cheshire & North Wales

Damian Parkin

Director Consultant

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Dave Skeels, Cheshire & North Wales

Dave Skeels

Director Consultant

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John Duggan, Cheshire & North Wales

John Duggan

Director Consultant

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Graham Dobbin, Cheshire & North Wales

Graham Dobbin

Director Consultant

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Tessa Stephens, Cheshire & North Wales

Tessa Stephens

Director Consultant

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Lianne Wilkinson, Cheshire & North Wales

Lianne Wilkinson

Director Consultant

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Sue Roberts, Cheshire & North Wales

Sue Roberts

Director Consultant

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Geoff Townsend, Cheshire & North Wales

Geoff Townsend

Director Consultant

Member of the Institute of Credit Management and Association of Credit Professionals. Been in Credit Management since 1997.

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Becki Wilson, Cheshire & North Wales

Becki Wilson

Director Consultant

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Tony Griffiths, Cheshire & North Wales

Tony Griffiths

Director Consultant

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Stacey Parkin, Cheshire & North Wales

Stacey Parkin

Director Consultant

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