BNI Directors of Lancashire

Mike Holman, Lancashire

Mike Holman

Executive Director

I have been involved in BNI since the beginning of 2001. Firstly as a member of the St Helens Bravo chapter before taking the opportunity to become fully involved in BNI in 2003. Since then my team and I have worked to establish BNI in all areas of our region, committed to ensuring our members success in generating increased 'word of mouth' business. For the...

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Steve Crozier, Lancashire

Steve Crozier

Director Consultant

I am the Area Director for the South Pennines region and put all of my energy into ensuring that all of the members in my area are getting the best ROI from BNI. Also love to cook, read and learn.

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Nicola Taylor, Lancashire

Nicola Taylor

Director Consultant

I joined BNI in October 2004 and remain an active member of the Invincible Chapter (Preston). My husband joined BNI some 10 years ago, so it was an automatic transition for me to build my own business via a proven structured referral marketing system. I am an Independent Authorised Distributor with the Utility Warehouse and help domestic and commercial customers...

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Morgan Rothwell, Lancashire

Morgan Rothwell

Director Consultant

I started D&M Creative Limited in 2002 with my business partner and work with clients who want to grow their business through excellent graphic design and marketing. In addition to marketing consultancy we design websites, brochures, corporate identities - basically anything that needs graphic design input, we do it. We work mainly in the larger SME sector...

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John Garrod, Lancashire

John Garrod

Director Consultant

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Michael Bale, Lancashire

Michael Bale

Director Consultant

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Angela Spencer, Lancashire

Angela Spencer

Director Consultant

I am the General Manager and part owner of an Industrial Electronics Engineering company based in the NW of England, Married with 2 step children (1 that lives with us. 2 Dogs - Jack and Jill. I enjoy reading, walking the dogs, family time and networking. Been a BNI Member for 4 years holding various roles within the chapter and region.

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Peter Lea, Lancashire

Peter Lea

Director Consultant

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Alan Henderson, Lancashire

Alan Henderson

Director Consultant

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Andrew Stirrup, Lancashire

Andrew Stirrup

Director Consultant

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Matthew Lincoln, Lancashire

Matthew Lincoln

Director Consultant

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Adele King, Lancashire

Adele King

Director Consultant

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Fiona Leaver, Lancashire

Fiona Leaver

Director Consultant

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Graeme McNish, Lancashire

Graeme McNish

Director Consultant

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Pete Walmsley, Lancashire

Pete Walmsley

Director Consultant

I joined BNI June '14. In that time I have given as much as I can, and in return, received far more than I imagined. I am currently on a journey from being an employee, to becoming self employed and starting my own business.

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Andrew Waddington, Lancashire

Andrew Waddington

Director Consultant

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Matt Bessant, Lancashire

Matt Bessant

Director Consultant

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Anne Sewell, Lancashire

Anne Sewell

Director Consultant

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Janey Leonard-Myers, Lancashire

Janey Leonard-Myers

Director Consultant

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Adrian Meakin, Lancashire

Adrian Meakin

Director Consultant

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Phil Tarbun, Lancashire

Phil Tarbun

Director Consultant

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Chris Curtis, Lancashire

Chris Curtis

Director Consultant

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