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BNI South Wales,
40 Marchfield Ave,

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Oceanic Aspirations

Bordeaux House,
143 Penstone Court,
Chandlery Way,
Cardiff Bay,
CF10 5NP

Phone: 07932164216

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BNI Director Info

Guy Griffiths, South WalesGuy Griffiths

Guy Griffiths was born and brought up in East Africa. Guy speaks Swahili and has been making little sense ever since. Reputed to have been a Captain in the Scots Guards, and with the Sultanate of Oman, he also set up and ran an estate agency in the Principality of Andorra, dealing with international and local clients, before getting involved with BNI in the UK. Guy has set up over 25 chapters in three separate regions in the UK. Guy attributes his success in Andorra, and in the UK, to focusing on the few things that really make a difference.

About Oceanic Aspirations

In a few weeks time, on January 12th I, along with 11 colleagues, will be attempting to break the transatlantic rowing record which currently stands at 33 days. Guy will leave from The Canaries and row to Barbados. Guy is trying to raise £1,000,000 for the BNI-Misner foundation and Touch Trust in Wales. Touch Trust is a charity for those with complex needs and autism and is based in Wales. Guy has the support of people such as Ivan Misner and Richard Branson. They hope to complete the row in 30 days. The boat is one of the fastest ocean rowing boats ever built - Britannia III – a 12-man boat which crossed the Atlantic in 38 days earlier this year (skippered by Simon Chalk).

If you would like to follow Guy, please have a look at

Why choose Oceanic Aspirations

From my earliest memories of the sea, my father remains the biggest influence - he taught me to love the sea, and my earliest images of the sea were with him - swimming, sailing, and then ... rowing! It is to him I credit my passion and love for the sea.

He was killed before he was able to realise his own dream; to sail with us around the world! This is a tribute to my father, and my mother whose strength never deserted us and who remains a powerful and loving influence on all the family; and to all those people who have a dream! To my children, I hope this will inspire them to search for the rainbow!

My parents gave me powerful values and taught me never to give up and always to aspire to do the very best. Not everyone has had the opportunities I have enjoyed. As well as for the love of my parents, I will raise funds for Touch Trust. This is an extraordinary charity based in the Millennium Centre in Cardiff, Wales, and they are truly making a world of a difference to people with complex needs and autism!

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