South Wales

BNI Directors of South Wales

Guy Griffiths, South Wales

Guy Griffiths

Executive Director

Guy Griffiths was born and brought up in East Africa. Guy speaks Swahili and has been making little sense ever since. Reputed to have been a Captain in the Scots Guards, and with the Sultanate of Oman, he also set up and ran an estate agency in the Principality of Andorra, dealing with international and local clients, before getting involved with BNI in the UK....

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Philippa Hill John, South Wales

Philippa Hill John

Area Director Consultant

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Nicholas Romanello, South Wales

Nicholas Romanello

Area Director Consultant

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Andy Wiggins, South Wales

Andy Wiggins

Director Consultant

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Ash Griffiths, South Wales

Ash Griffiths

Director Consultant

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Anthony Barber, South Wales

Anthony Barber

Director Consultant

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Antony Worsley, South Wales

Antony Worsley

Director Consultant

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Austin Walters, South Wales

Austin Walters

Director Consultant

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Martin Britton, South Wales

Martin Britton

Director Consultant

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Vince Jordan, South Wales

Vince Jordan

Director Consultant

Hi, there are several companies in my small empire. Elitescapes, landscaping and decking Elite Property Services, commercial and domestic property clearances Dinky-Diggers.Com, narrow access excavator hire Advance Contractors, plant hire, groundwork and tarmac...

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