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AFH Wealth Management,
St John's House,
16 Church Street,
B61 8DH

Phone: 01527 577775Mobile: 07879 466385

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AFH Wealth Management

AFH Wealth Management

"You won't find a more professional financial adviser"

AFH Wealth Management

St John's House,
16 Church Street,
B61 8DN

Phone: 01527 577775Fax: 01527 577624

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BNI Director Info

Karl Thorpe, BirminghamKarl Thorpe

Karl is a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser and has been working in Financial Services for over 10 years.

He lives in Cheltenham with his finacée Zoe and their black labrador Ebbie. Although living in Cheltenham and having clients scattered all over the country, most of Karls work is in the Birmingham area.

He is a proud member of BNI Foundation in Solihull and he prides himself in offering genuine impartial financial advice, in a friendly and professional manner.

Why I Became A BNI Director

Karl took the plunge in going self employed in 2007 and since then he hasn't looked back. This is thanks largley to joining BNI Foundation in the July of that year.

Since then Karls business has grown and through BNI, not only has he received a steady stream of good quality referrals, but he has also received an unquantifiable amount of support from his fellow memebers.

In the current economic climate, more people than ever are moving to self-employed roles and Karl hopes that his experiences will enable him to help others in these difficult times.

About AFH Wealth Management

AFH Wealth Management is one of the largest Midlands based firms of Independent Financial Advisers, servicing the wider midlands area.

With over 50 Qualified Financial Advisers based all over the midlands they offer the full range of financial planning to individual and corporate clients alike.

AFH offers so much more than a traditinal IFA with services including:
Investment Advice - including Discretionary Portfolio Managament and Stockbroking
Retirement Planning
Long Term Care Planning
Equity Release
Pension Planning for Directors
Company Pension Schemes
Business Protecttion & Key Personnel Cover
Business Financing Solutions

Why choose AFH Wealth Management

Because of their size AFH are able to offer additional services rarely found in an IFA office. Their in-house technical and investment professionals set them apart from their competitors.

Their focus on portfolio construction means each client is assured of the best choice of investments to suit their attitude to risk and because they are one of the few IFAs in the country to have gained discretionary management status, they can offer their clients a much more proactive service.

In short, very few IFAs are authorised to carry our Discretionary Portfolio Management, and even fewer have anything like AFHs breadth of advisory capability, meaning they are not in a position to capitalise on this expertise, or indeed provide their clients with the best solutions.

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