Scotland West

BNI Directors of Scotland West

Rob Copeland, Scotland West

Rob Copeland

Executive Director

I started life in the forces and after completing over 16 years active service I decided that I needed a new challenge. After leaving the army I grew a large utility business, thanks to BNI, catering to both the business and residential market. I then became an assistant director and within 6 months of completing the directors course I launched my first...

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Jonathan Clark, Scotland West

Jonathan Clark

Director Consultant

Master Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, NLP Trainer & author specialising in small business coaching over the last 21 years. Part of that was learning web seo and website promotion to get my NLP business all over Google. Then my clients started asking me for help with lead generation and web SEO for their sites, hence Lead Generation Glasgow was born in 2007.

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Scott Cuthbertson, Scotland West

Scott Cuthbertson

Director Consultant

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Dawn Cuthbertson, Scotland West

Dawn Cuthbertson

Director Consultant

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