London South East

BNI Directors of London South East

Greg Davies, London South East

Greg Davies

Area Director Consultant

Firstly, I am a family man. (1 Wife, 2 Daughters) Secondly, I am a small business owner. Now, add in that I am a classically trained media sales professional and a drummer to boot, you may get an idea of the mixing pot that is my personality.

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Grant Murrell, London South East

Grant Murrell

Director Consultant

Grant is Managing Director of Dual Security Services Ltd, a security consultancy which offers a wide range of security products, services, investigations and surveillance to small, medium and large companies, government departments and private individuals. He has been in the industry for 20 years and has worked with a many prestigious organisations and personalities.

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Lorraine Windsor, London South East

Lorraine Windsor

Director Consultant

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Jeff Oliver, London South East

Jeff Oliver

Director Consultant

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Mark Radford, London South East

Mark Radford

Director Consultant

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Rachelle Harte, London South East

Rachelle Harte

Director Consultant

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Chris Williams, London South East

Chris Williams

Director Consultant

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Sue Williams, London South East

Sue Williams

Director Consultant

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Jude Ugwuegbulam, London South East

Jude Ugwuegbulam

Director Consultant

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Anthony Caroleo, London South East

Anthony Caroleo

Director Consultant

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Suky Khosa, London South East

Suky Khosa

Director Consultant

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Vernon Simpson, London South East

Vernon Simpson

Director Consultant

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Ricardo Da Corte, London South East

Ricardo Da Corte

Director Consultant

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Alison Warner, London South East

Alison Warner

Director Consultant

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Martin Ives, London South East

Martin Ives

Director Consultant

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Maggie Compton, London South East

Maggie Compton

Director Consultant

Solicitor with wide and varied experience. Christian. Trustee of several charities. Committed to helping others in all aspects of life. Deputy warden of Pastoral Assistants for the Diocese of Rochester.

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Paul Benn, London South East

Paul Benn

Director Consultant

Owner of Not Just Computers LTD since 2002, the company name comes from my thinking about IT, it is not just a computer it is your business and when it does not work you don't make money! We cover all IT which is normally anything with a plug on it!

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Jenni Hallam, London South East

Jenni Hallam

Director Consultant

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Brian Downton, London South East

Brian Downton

Director Consultant

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Spencer Baker, London South East

Spencer Baker

Director Consultant

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Johnny Czarnota, London South East

Johnny Czarnota

Director Consultant

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Mikael Hasler, London South East

Mikael Hasler

Director Consultant

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Louise Mcintosh, London South East

Louise Mcintosh

Director Consultant

I bought and launched Printing Progress in 2008 with no experience in the industry but with both an excitement and determination to learn and succeed. I am a hairdresser by trade qualifying in the 90’s at Vidal Sassoon and going on to become an Art Director and General Manager at a Men’s spa in Mayfair. I decided at the end of 2007 that I wanted...

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