Central London & The City

BNI Directors of Central London & The City

Laura Hurren, Central London & The City

Laura Hurren

Executive Director

"You only live once" says Laura Hurren, "get it right and once is enough" Laura is a founder Executive Director of BNI in the UK and has since gone on to be involved in the development of Scandinavia. She is also the Co-National Director for Italy. Drawing on extensive knowledge, techniques and experience gained from a myriad of industries,...

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Darryl Buchanan, Central London & The City

Darryl Buchanan

Director Consultant

Recognised Internationally for his top performance in BNI Darryl believes Networking is a contact sport! Having pioneered BNI in New Zealand Darryl now works extensively in London and Birmingham. A Kiwi at heart Darryl has a passion for helping NZ businesses expand into the European market and is involved in introducing a patented technology to the European...

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Sophia Simmonds, Central London & The City

Sophia Simmonds

Director Consultant

I build financial security for your future. Whether you are an individual or a small business I can help you. Whether you are a self confessed ' Financial Hooligan' or the entrepreneur wanting to do more than just 'pay' your staff. Perhaps you want to put together a real 'employee benefits package' which will keep your highly trained staff with you longer. Savings,...

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Jon Marks, Central London & The City

Jon Marks

Director Consultant

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Charles Shiplee, Central London & The City

Charles Shiplee

Director Consultant

An Australian working in London for the past 20 years managing some of the worlds largest and most successful brands. I have led the development of integrated communication for many of the worlds leading Brands. I was a founding member of the management team responsible for growing the 141 Global marketing network from nothing to 95 offices. I understand how to...

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Marc Jacobs, Central London & The City

Marc Jacobs

Director Consultant

Having been in business for 13 years now, my personal development has gone from strength to strength. I am approachable, friendly and always happy to help others to achieve their goals.

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Melvyn Landsman, Central London & The City

Melvyn Landsman

Director Consultant

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Paul Nicholls, Central London & The City

Paul Nicholls

Director Consultant

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Jeanne Davies, Central London & The City

Jeanne Davies

Director Consultant

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Balbir Judge, Central London & The City

Balbir Judge

Director Consultant

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Yash Dubal, Central London & The City

Yash Dubal

Director Consultant

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Simon Hawtrey-Woore, Central London & The City

Simon Hawtrey-Woore

Director Consultant

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Simon Thompson, Central London & The City

Simon Thompson

Director Consultant

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Sharif George, Central London & The City

Sharif George

Director Consultant

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Justin Robinson, Central London & The City

Justin Robinson

Director Consultant

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Miranda Foot, Central London & The City

Miranda Foot

Director Consultant

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Steve Brame, Central London & The City

Steve Brame

Director Consultant

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Michelle Lowe, Central London & The City

Michelle Lowe

Director Consultant

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Dave Cockerham, Central London & The City

Dave Cockerham

Director Consultant

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