London North Central

BNI Directors of London North Central

Laura Hurren, London North Central

Laura Hurren

Executive Director

"You only live once" says Laura Hurren, "get it right and once is enough" Laura is a founder Executive Director of BNI in the UK and has since gone on to be involved in the development of Scandinavia. She is also the Co-National Director for Italy. Drawing on extensive knowledge, techniques and experience gained from a myriad of industries,...

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Darryl Buchanan, London North Central

Darryl Buchanan

Director Consultant

Recognised Internationally for his top performance in BNI Darryl believes Networking is a contact sport! Having pioneered BNI in New Zealand Darryl now works extensively in London and Birmingham. A Kiwi at heart Darryl has a passion for helping NZ businesses expand into the European market and is involved in introducing a patented technology to the European...

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Sophia Simmonds, London North Central

Sophia Simmonds

Director Consultant

I build financial security for your future. Whether you are an individual or a small business I can help you. Whether you are a self confessed ' Financial Hooligan' or the entrepreneur wanting to do more than just 'pay' your staff. Perhaps you want to put together a real 'employee benefits package' which will keep your highly trained staff with you longer. Savings,...

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Jon Marks, London North Central

Jon Marks

Director Consultant

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Charles Shiplee, London North Central

Charles Shiplee

Director Consultant

An Australian working in London for the past 20 years managing some of the worlds largest and most successful brands. I have led the development of integrated communication for many of the worlds leading Brands. I was a founding member of the management team responsible for growing the 141 Global marketing network from nothing to 95 offices. I understand how to...

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Marc Jacobs, London North Central

Marc Jacobs

Director Consultant

Having been in business for 13 years now, my personal development has gone from strength to strength. I am approachable, friendly and always happy to help others to achieve their goals.

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Melvyn Landsman, London North Central

Melvyn Landsman

Director Consultant

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Paul Nicholls, London North Central

Paul Nicholls

Director Consultant

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Jeanne Davies, London North Central

Jeanne Davies

Director Consultant

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Balbir Judge, London North Central

Balbir Judge

Director Consultant

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Yash Dubal, London North Central

Yash Dubal

Director Consultant

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Simon Hawtrey-Woore, London North Central

Simon Hawtrey-Woore

Director Consultant

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Simon Thompson, London North Central

Simon Thompson

Director Consultant

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Sharif George, London North Central

Sharif George

Director Consultant

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Justin Robinson, London North Central

Justin Robinson

Director Consultant

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Miranda Foot, London North Central

Miranda Foot

Director Consultant

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Steve Brame, London North Central

Steve Brame

Director Consultant

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Michelle Lowe, London North Central

Michelle Lowe

Director Consultant

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