London North East

BNI Directors of London North East

Tim Nicolaou, London North East

Tim Nicolaou

Executive Director

PASSIONS Business, people, sport, personal and business development Once did a fire walk at a Anthony Robbins seminar, without burning my feet :)

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Angie Montana, London North East

Angie Montana

Director Consultant

I have been in the kitchen industry for over 19 years, so the customer is happy to know that they are dealing with an experienced designer. I am keen, vibrant and passionate about kitchen design. I describe the process as ‘architectural therapy’ which means getting to know and understand our customers and their habits. This also means having a vision...

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Bradley Brown, London North East

Bradley Brown

Director Consultant

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Garry Kousoulou, London North East

Garry Kousoulou

Director Consultant

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Carole Jordanou, London North East

Carole Jordanou

Director Consultant

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Denny Adam, London North East

Denny Adam

Director Consultant

Born in Scotland a long time ago I have lived in Enfield, north London for over twenty five years. I have three daughters all now working and only one still living at home.

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