Ireland West

BNI Directors of Ireland West

Andrew Hart, Ireland West

Andrew Hart

Executive Director

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Sandra Hart, Ireland West

Sandra Hart

Executive Director

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Cathy Noonan, Ireland West

Cathy Noonan

Director Consultant

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Ciara Feely, Ireland West

Ciara Feely

Director Consultant

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Derek Reilly, Ireland West

Derek Reilly

Area Director Consultant

Area Director for BNI Ireland West in Mayo, Galway, Sligo, Leitrim, Donegal, West Clare and Roscommon. Responsible for launch, support and training in this region. Also have a team of Assistant Directors and we are currently responsible for 11 Chapters. New role as Launch director for the whole Ireland South and West regions which covers 19 counties in the...

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Adrian Corcoran, Ireland West

Adrian Corcoran

Director Consultant

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Annette Bennigsen, Ireland West

Annette Bennigsen

Director Consultant

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Ger Loughrey, Ireland West

Ger Loughrey

Director Consultant

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Liam Higgins, Ireland West

Liam Higgins

Director Consultant

•Director Consultant at Armada •Professional Business Networking Organisation at BNI Tribesmen Galway •Health & Safety Auditor and Trainer. at CARA Safety

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Annette Stanford, Ireland West

Annette Stanford

Director Consultant

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Simon Finn, Ireland West

Simon Finn

Area Director Consultant

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Carmel Malone-Power, Ireland West

Carmel Malone-Power

Director Consultant

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Stuart Watkin, Ireland West

Stuart Watkin

Director Consultant

I am a married man with three wonderful children. Originally from Dublin. I have lived in Kilkenny since 2003. I love music, good food, good wine and good company.

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Emily Sweeney, Ireland West

Emily Sweeney

Director Consultant

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David Walsh, Ireland West

David Walsh

Director Consultant

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Enda Folan, Ireland West

Enda Folan

Director Consultant

National Director for Computer Troubleshooters Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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Harvey Allen, Ireland West

Harvey Allen

Director Consultant

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