BNI Directors of Berkshire

Julian Lewis, Berkshire

Julian Lewis

Executive Director

I have worked in IT for over 20 years and for the last 10 years has focused on helping SME businesses achieve real business advantage through the use of IT which meets its needs. I have a consultative approach to sales and always tries to fully understand the business he is talking to or working with before recommending any solution. I have a technical...

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Nick Forgham, Berkshire

Nick Forgham

Executive Director

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Linda Gale, Berkshire

Linda Gale

Director Consultant

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Tony Hoare, Berkshire

Tony Hoare

Director Consultant

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Nigel Morgan, Berkshire

Nigel Morgan

Director Consultant

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Mike Samuels, Berkshire

Mike Samuels

Director Consultant

Father of two wonderful daughters Nina and Nikki, I took early retirement as Head of medical photography at Royal Free and UCL Medical School and set up a commercial photography business photographing “things not people” and teaching business people to improve their photography and presentation skills. I was a school governor for 18 years and have...

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Michaela Gartside, Berkshire

Michaela Gartside

Director Consultant

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Caroline Romero, Berkshire

Caroline Romero

Director Consultant

I’m Caroline Romero, and my inspiration for my business comes from my personal experience. I have run successful businesses while raising a family and caring for my father. I realised that my knowledge and skills meant this was easier than for many, but it was still a struggle at times. It seemed to be unnecessarily difficult to get answers to what seemed...

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Simon Speed, Berkshire

Simon Speed

Director Consultant

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Stuart Holland, Berkshire

Stuart Holland

Director Consultant

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Ian Wilson, Berkshire

Ian Wilson

Director Consultant

After 24 years as a director of a design agency I opened my own portrait studio in 2010 as a franchisee of Barrett and Coe.

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