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Top Honours for Priory member, with Royal visitors just behind

Thu 4 September 2008

With the advent of the business thank you cards 6 months ago, for the first time we are able to recognise some of our top performers in terms of the value of business passed.

Over the past six months, as recorded on BNINET by membership co-ordinators, the top referral giver in Sussex was Jim Hatfield of the Priory group, passing a staggering £135,000 in business.  Interestingly, in second place were the "Visitors" who came to The Royal over the period, passing no less than £117,000 between them.

Executive Director, Andrew Hall, commented "with only one third of our chapters logging this data, I have no doubt that these figures will become even more dramatic over the coming 6 months as every chapter comes on board.  The figures also reveal graphically the true value of a visitor - for most chapters visitors collectively out-referred every individual member."

The top 25 Members over the past six months were:

  Chapter       Name
1 Priory BNI (Lewes) Jim Hatfield
2 Midas BNI (Bognor Regis) Michael Shelton
3 Victory BNI (Crawley) Keith Roberts
4 Chichester BNI Ian Mitchell
5 Midas BNI (Bognor Regis) Simon Wickenden
6 Advantage (Hailsham) Andy Fisher
7 Festival BNI (Chichester) Oliver Hicklin
8 Battle BNI Penelope Vasey
9 Battle BNI Stuart Hill
10 Vanguard Horsham Becky Derham
11 Hastings BNI Liza Richards
12 Midas BNI (Bognor Regis) Jacquie Long
13 The Royal Barry Tyrrell-Curtis
14 Hastings BNI Andy Noble
15 Hastings BNI Jennifer Beaumont-Whyte
16 Hastings BNI Linda Noakes
17 Chichester BNI Alec Siddall
18 Champions (BNI) Crowborough Stephen Bassi
19 Victory BNI (Crawley) Matthew Simmonds
20 Victory BNI (Crawley) Dee Blick
21 Arundel BNI Phillip Bath
22 Heart of Sussex BNI (Haywards Heath) Frederick StGeorge
23 Advantage (Hailsham) KJ Duursma
24 Arundel BNI Benjamin Bonetti
25 Hastings BNI Darryl Tribbeck


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