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"He's My Dad!!" - Hove Albion Get Specific

Thu 14 June 2007

When Andrew Leader, head of water cooler company Aqualeader, was pressed to come up with a specific request for his 60 seconds, just one company came into his mind - Palmer & Harvey logistics. Palmer and Harvey was a compnay Andrew walked past on his way to work each day. As one of the largest firms in Sussex, it seemed a long shot for a referral, but he gave it a go.

Come the referral round and initially there were no referrals for Andrew. Until that is Tony Morris, the builder in the chapter, stood up and said: “I am bit embarrassed about this. That referral you are looking for…..the person you need to speak to is my Dad!”

Speaking after, Tony said: “Andrew and I have both been members for more than two years now. But it never crossed my mind to make the introduction to my Dad’s company until he asked for them. Andrew’s timing was perfect – my father was retiring in a couple of months. If he hadn’t asked when he did, my contact would have been lost.”

A delighted Andrew confirmed – “It was a great referral. Palmer and Harvey were ideal clients for us and have become a great addition to the list of companies we look after.”

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