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Meridian Chapter - No.1 in Sussex

Mon 18 June 2007

More than 70 team leaders from across the region gathered at the Birch Hotel on the morning of Monday 18th June.

On the Agenda was not just the latest techniques to develop our chapters, but also recognition of some of the top performing chapters in the County. The past six months has seen some oustanding achievements in our region - particularly among our smaller chapters with Teamworks in Ticehurst recording net growth of 8 members, and the Festival chapter - a small group of less than 20 members - enjoying the highest referral rate per member in the county.

Top of them all, however, was the Meridian chapter in East Grinstead. Currently unsurpassed for the commitment and dedication shown by the team and its members, Meridian was described by Executive Director Andrew Hall as a small chapter that should be huge. In recent times, Meridian have dominated the local press and airwaves as they head for a massive local exhibition, organised b the group on July 6th. For more information, contact the Chapter Director Charmaine Hallmark on 01342 312 305.

Other winners on the morning were:

Top Retention: Hastings

Top Referrals per member: Festival

Top New Members: Victory

Top Visitors : Meridian

Top Net Growth: Teamworks

Largest Chapter: Mid Sussex

Top Chapter in the Region: MERIDIAN.

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