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Raising the Bar at Oracle (Chorley)

Tue 22 June 2010

The Oracle Chapter in Chorley raise the referral bar to new heights this month after a group of three members challenged each other to a referral “shoot out”. Stewart “two guns” Procter issued the challenge to fellow members Mark “bald eagle” Southworth and Rob “babyface” Abbot and all three spent the week generating as many quality referrals as they could muster. The Friday morning showdown was a tense affair as each revealed their hand and the result was an incredible 56 referrals generated between them. Mark Southworth pipped the other two valiant contenders to the crown with a personal total of 22. In all the Chapter generated 90 referrals that week.

Chapter Director Colin Sneath commented “the emails flew back and forth all week and by the morning of the meeting there was a real sense of anticipation. It wasn’t just about quantity – every referral passed was a genuine warmed up opportunity to do business. It just shows what we can achieve with a bit of healthy competition.”

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