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Tue 22 June 2010

A Cracking Way to Promote Your Business

Letting agent, Turner Scott receives an award from the Hermes Chapter for a ten minute presentation carried out in an apron. At first glance, there may not appear to be many similarities between cake mixing and letting properties.

But that didn’t stop letting agent, Stuart Nelson of Turner Scott in Highgate, Kendal from combining the two to give the best presentation of the year at his BNI networking group. Stuart talked the group through the cake mix:

  • Butter was the properties themselves; without which there would be no cake to share
  • The flour was the landlords who own the properties
  • The sugar was the marketing and promotion necessary to let the properties Turner Scott look after
  • The salt was the legislation with which they must comply
  • The milk was the management; which binds everything together
  • The final ingredient and the most important was eggs. The tenants. Stuart explained that there are good eggs and bad eggs, and that the job of a letting agent was to find the good ones.
  • The grand finale was Stuart producing a house-shaped cake, complete with a Turner Scott To Let sign stuck to a cocktail stick and standing in a piece of fudge.

Chair of the local business club, Andrew Meiring of Dodd & Co Accountants commented "I've never seen someone make so much effort for a ten minute presentation about their business." The members all agreed it was the best presentation we have ever seen.

Well done Stuart.  To find out more about Stuart's cake baking, or letting agency skills, call him on 01539 736999.

For further information regarding this press release, please contact Joanne Allday at Showing Off Ltd Tel: 01229 580220 / 0784 341 5226 Email:

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