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Leadership Team 2009/10 - Kirklees

Wed 23 June 2010

The recipients of the Best Leadership Team Award (South Pennines Region) for 2009/10 went to the leadership team of the KIRKLEES CHAPTER- who meet on a Thursday morning at the Pondarosa Rural Centre at Heckmondwide. Between the 1st April 2009 and 1st October 2009 the LT steered their chapter from 20 members to 32 members, and consequently helped their members raise the referral rate from 1.02 referrals per member per week, to 1.24 referrals per member per week, meaning more business for everyone.

Steven Barrett (Reality Communications Ltd), Assistant Director of BNI, and a member of the Kirklees Chapter presented the Awards to: Stewart Leahy (The Design Mechanics) Chapter Director, Alan Beevers (A Star Couriers) Membership Co-Ordinator, and Michael Roper (HSBC) Secretary/Treasurer

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