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Hastings take the honours, Meridian, Uckfield and Vanguard just behind

Wed 28 July 2010

July 2010 saw some familiar names taking honours at the Sussex Awards breakfast.

Top of the tree was Hastings, taking several awards including the main prize of Best Chapter in the region.  Executive Director, Andrew Hall, commended the team: "It is a fabulous example of how to lead a chapter to success.  Over the past six months, Hastings invited the most visitors which gave them the most new members and produced the largest chapter in our region.  The result is Hastings Members Making More Money...and that is our goal for every group in Sussex."

Hastings were joined at the top by Cuckmere who showed their strength with the best retention of members, and Vanguard who used high retention and strong recruitment to become the Fastest Growing Chapter in Sussex.

When it came to the business, Meridian were back among the awards with most referrals perhead, while Uckfield picked up top honours for most £Money recorded in the Thank you for the business box - some £14,000 per member over the last 6 months alone.

Well done to all! 

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