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Wed 15 September 2010

Sue Bridgeford Bookeeper in SALE Manchester lifts everyones meeting when she delivers her BOOKEEPERS ditty.


I helped a man with a vat problem

That wouldn't go away

It wasn't anything major

But it needed knowledge on the day

And can I claim for fuel

Is a cry I often hear

It depends on other factors

Again its knowledge my dear

A neighbour from down the street

A cousin with an hour to spare

Doesn't a bookkeeper make

And your accounts can become a mare

So give your keeping to someone who knows

Someone who'll make it clear

No nasty  or horrid surprises

No gremlins no worry no fear

And use your accountant wisely

He's not like some warming old sock

Treat him like the designer gear

Bring him out like you would a posh frock

Use a bookkeeper often

For she will keep your toes warm

As she ploughs thru your purchase and sales

And looks after your vat return form

And if you happen to know a landlord

Who struggles from day to day

Send him to me I can help him

You;ll find me at dot co dot uk 


 You can contact Sue for bookeeping services 

Sue Bridgford
078111 73329

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