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Men vs Women in Networking

Fri 14 October 2011

 Men vs Women in Networking

The skills and strategies required for good networking apply to both men and women; anyone can learn and practice to be a successful networker, regardless of being male or female.

Having said that - we must appreciate that women have a very different experience when it comes to networking – even at the same event, within the same organization, in the same industry, these differences are still very visible

There has been a remarkable shift in how women have come to be perceived in business during the last thirty years – but we are still far from equal with men, even on the networking front. Women often have different skills, strengths and communication styles in comparison with male colleagues.

This isn’t always a bad thing, it’s good that males and females can work together to bring different things to the table. As women it’s important that we recognise what we’re good at so that we can leverage these differences for success in networking.

Probably best to start with one of our most famous qualities -


Networking events and organizations provide a great opportunity for women to put into practice one of our most envied skills … multi-tasking! We are comfortable, practiced and experts in juggling multiple activities successfully. This can help in meeting new people, re-establishing connections with existing contacts, hosting clients or colleagues, and expanding our skills all at one event. As you set your networking strategy, consider ways in which you can make the most of your time and efforts through multi-tasking

Attention to detail:

As most men will tell you, women tend to notice the small things and remember them. Our ability to keep track of details can be a great advantage. We can recall names, when we last met someone, professions or employers, and recent accomplishments or news. Women also tend to be much better with follow-up, sticking to promises and organising meetings.

Etiquette expertise:

Thank-you notes, proper introductions, RSVP-ing and returning phone calls on time are all etiquette expertise that women excel at. These sorts of things matter more to women so we make a bigger effort to do them - this provides opportunity to make a positive impression and build a reputation as a high-class professional while networking.

The personal touch:

One of the best ways to make a connection, and to then build on it, is by adding a personal touch. Asking about family, remembering birthdays, learning about hobbies - personal touches like these - which most women do naturally, make good impressions and help nurture relationships.

So embrace it ladies! Make the most of your feminine skills in your networking activity.

Gentlemen, tell me - what do you perceive to be your networking qualities? 




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