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New Poem by BNI's Poet Laureate--"We Come as One"

Tue 22 November 2011

BNI's Official Poet Laureate, Elaine Betts (pictured at top), has written a new poem to celebrate the 2011 BNI International Conference.

"We Come as One"
By Elaine Betts

Important information is being shared today,
Directors flew from far and wide across to USA.
Each conference is spectacular, a brain trust who do share,
Learning lots of new techniques, because we really care.

From many different countries and many different scenes,
Pooling our connections to realize each one's dreams.
Learning, sharing best practice, abundance is the theme,
Helping hands and partnerships are very often seen.

Growing chapters, building teams and speaking like a pro,
Learning how to listen more, when we think we really know!
Social media, I/T stuff and BNI Connect,
Listening to the experts, so our skills to make perfect.

Once a year we come as one, our international team,
Learning, sharing, having fun, to build our business dream.
One team that's united in all that we sustain,
In helping local businesses succeed by Givers Gain.

Worldwide occupations and build our contact sphere,
Creating more relationships to last until next year.
Multi business, many talents, expertise bar none,
Today and for a few days, we're here we come as one.

©2011 Elaine Betts. All Rights Reserved.

Betts, a BNI Director Consultant in the Northern California region and a member of the Valley Business Connections BNI chapter in Danville, California, is the owner of Go Far Consulting. She uses poetry as part of her business and is currently writing a book entitled "The Poetry in Business."

Please join us in congratulating Elaine on writing another wonderful BNI poem by leaving your positive comments on the BNI Official facebook fan page!

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