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Less talking more listening...

Tue 29 November 2011

As a professional business networker, over the years I've had the opportunity to observe and learn about how we interact as human beings.


I call it 'the psychology of connecting'. One lesson that's always stood me in great stead is...talk less and listen more.


You may remember from your school days a teacher stating... "two eyes, two ears and just one mouth, use them accordingly."


There's a reason were equipped with more listening and looking devices and that reason is basic human survival. It's important that we suss out our surroundings, do the research, watch, listen and learn about our situation, before we know how we want or need to react.


This same 'survival' element relates to business success and successful business networking too. Let me set the scene...


You've arrived in a new land, you don't know anything about it. No idea where the coffee shops are, the restaurants, the hospitals, the hotels, the people. What would you do first?


Would you stand on a box in the middle of this strange land and start talking about who you are and what you do?  Or, would you use your survival equipment accordingly and start learning about the space, the people, asking questions, observing, looking, listening?


Listening is such an important skill and one that when i'm consulting with people about how to leverage business networking, I really focus in on.


Listening comes first. Listen in for needs - as it's far more effective to deliver a  solution that meets someone's needs, than to deliver a non targeted sales pitch.


So...keep the two ears, two eyes one mouth lesson in mind - and be sure you listen effectively.

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