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Hi Tech vs High Touch

Wed 7 December 2011

We've all done it.


We know the flavour of the event is networking, however...whilst waiting in the registration area of a training course or networking event, rather than introducing ourselves to others in the same situation as us and embracing the networking opportunities presented before us, we instead immerse ourselves, heads down, thumbs tapping into the safety of our mobiles.


Ironically we may even be using our mobiles to be social and discuss and share on social networks (stats now report that 48% of mobile internet is on social networks - so it's highly feasible) - but still, we're behaving in a rather 'insular' manner.


With trends forecast for mobile browsing to overtake desktop browsing by 2014, then this insular trend is likely to increase. Therefore it's never been more important for effective business networking that we work harder in our face to face endeavours.


Hi tech -v-Hi touch


Yes, technology is moving at such a pace which we can't ignore, and indeed, I myself really enjoy sharing and connecting on the social channels - but face to face networking is still hugely important.


People do business with people and it's rare that you end up doing business with people you have never met.


My advice is to blend both online networking and keeping in touch with contacts on a regular basis via LinkedIn and sharing news via Twitter - and then making new contacts and potential influencers via face to face networking.


This blend works well for me and my fellow BNI colleagues. At the end of the day, there's nothing quite like the face to face experience.


Online dating offers some good opportunity of getting to know people before you meet them, but the ultimate end point is that all important face to face meeting.


It's human nature.



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