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Networking Meetings - breakfast vs lunch

Wed 4 January 2012

I recently read a blog via Twitter - putting forward the argument that lunchtime network meetings are more successful than breakfast ones.

 The argument was that lunchtime meetings usually take up the best part of an afternoon - therefore anyone who is willing to give up this amount of time is more serious about networking than someone who attends a breakfast meeting.

In contrast, the early morning meetings (where everything is over by 9) cause people to feel rushed. Everyone is in a hurry to get to work. No one has time to talk and therefore meetings are less productive.  Obviously being a BNI director it’s fairly obvious that I would disagree with this argument as most of our meetings are held at breakfast time, before work.

However it would be unfair of me to dismiss the idea of lunchtime networking – especially as BNI hold a few very successful lunchtime meetings. For some networkers, breakfast meetings are inconvenient as they interfere with family commitments. However, more people find the inconvenience of having your work day so heavily disrupted more of a challenge than missing breakfast with the children. As a result of your working day being eaten into, people are left with no choice but to come and go. This slows down the process of building meaningful relationships which ultimately is at the crux of a sustainable referral generating system.

I’d be interested to hear any other opinions on this matter – breakfast or lunch? Or maybe even evening meetings? What works best for you and why?


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