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The importance of video when building your own personal brand

Fri 3 February 2012

I’ve discussed in previous blog entries the importance of leveraging LinkedIn and social media. If used correctly, social media can really help you to build your own personal brand.

Why is building my personal brand so important I hear you ask? Well the simple answer is – it will help you to complete two parts of the Visioning Process (discussed in my blog ‘Black Belt Networking’) – it will help you to appear credible and therefore build your credibility as a referral. It will also help you with appearing visible by giving you another channel to utilise.

Next time you meet someone at a networking event, you can do the usual of handing over your business card and connecting  with them on LinkedIn, but it wouldn’t it be great to tell them to look you up on YouTube and watch a few of your video blogs. That person may go away and follow your advice, upon which they will find a series of interesting, informative video blog posts that will reassure them further about your knowledge and interest in your field. It also allows them to get to know you a little better, getting a further taste of your personality – increasing your chances of them remembering you and trusting you.

Video marketing your own personal brand is a modern and innovative away to catch people’s attention, so strike whilst the iron is hot and make some video blogs about yourself.

 These videos don’t and shouldn’t really be any longer than three minutes. They can be filmed on a smartphone or using a video camera and need not go into any great detail. The point is that people like to watch videos, rather than read – you can talk about yourself, what your company does, or just your general field of business. It’s proven that people’s attention span online is much shorter than offline so you can appeal to this with short, snappy videos.

If you upload your videos into the video sharing websites like YouTube and then optimize them with keyword enabled titles and descriptions - that specific video may then become a good candidate in increasing rankings in any website or blog that you can link the videos to.



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