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Business Networking and Sex

Fri 10 February 2012

This week has seen the major success of ‘Business Networking and Sex’ - hitting number one spot on Amazon.com in business and marketing books.

Fantastic news – Thank you to all who helped to promote it on Twitter this week and congratulations to one of my followers who managed to win a free copy!

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘Men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ – there are hundreds of books out there that attempt to explain the psyche and reasoning behind the different sexes and how they behave.

Similarly, there is a lot of advice and information about how to improve networking and referral skills

Business Networking and Sex takes a unique approach to the ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’ argument by analysing the sexes in a networking and referral environment. The book aims to provide some innovative advice as to how men and women can get the best out of each other when it comes to business.

Our very own Dr Ivan Misner is the author, along with expert BNI networkers Frank DeRaffele writing from the male perspective and Hazel Walker from the female perspective

The book digs deep into the understanding of both men and women and referral and networking. It’s hugely important in the world of business to understand where woman and men are similar and where they differ – in reality everyone wants the same outcome but males and females have different ways of getting there. The book outlines where we can gain some simple understanding that in turn will allow us all to be more successful in our networking and referral when working with the opposite sex.

For a little taster – the blurb reads

‘It’s no surprise that communicating with the opposite sex can be tricky. Hidden in the glitches are often misleading assumptions about each gender that beg for help. Finally help is here.

Learn the secrets to accurately reading between the gender lines, and uncover a new edge for your business – the power to effectively talk business and successfully network with the opposite sex.’

Happy Reading

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