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BNI European Directors Conference 2012 – let’s make it social

Mon 5 March 2012

I thought I would write a blog post this week about this year’s BNI European Directors Conference.

The event takes place on April 27th – 28th at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel. I am hoping to encourage anyone who wishes to attend to register.

The conference is by far the best networking and training event for BNI directors around the world. It’s a fantastic opportunity to meet other top BNI directors and hear from world class speakers about how to develop your skills. If you can make the dates then please get registering - having attended over 30 Director Conferences, I can safely say that I always learn something new and the networking is second to none.

BNI has made a real push over the last year to become an internationally social organisation. Many of our directors and members are keen tweeters and LinkedIn users and there is a very solid BNI community on both platforms. For any tweeters out there- there is a hash tag that we can use in tweets when speaking about the conference on twitter. For those of you out there who don’t know what a hash tag is – it’s basically a way for tweets to be categorised into subjects. For example, the hash tag that people may use when discussing the conference is #BNIEC. If I was tweeting from my account @LauraHurren about the conference I could tweet something along the lines of

 #BNI European Directors Conference takes place on 27-28th April. Registration and Payment needed on the website #BNIEC

BNI is making real progress on social media platforms, so if you want to join in the conversation then search for #BNI or now #BNIEC. If we use the hash tag when discussing the conference before and after the date, it will make it easier for people to follow any discussion. Get sharing!

Look forward to seeing many of you there

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